Qt5 Signal Slot Connection

Qt5 signal slot connection adapters

New Syntax in Qt5

Why the new syntax?

New overloads

Pointer to Member Functions

Type Traits: QtPrivate::FunctionPointer

  • ArgumentCount: An integer representing the number of arguments of the function.
  • Object: Exists only for pointer to member function. It is a typedef to the class of which the function is a member.
  • Arguments: Represents the list of argument. It is a typedef to a meta-programming list.
  • call(T &function, QObject *receiver, void **args): A static function that will call the function, applying the given parameters.


Signal Index

The QSlotObjectBase

Fake Virtual Table

Protected, Public, or Private Signals.

More Template Code

Qt5 Signal Slot Connection Tool

Meta-Programming List

Qt5 Signal Slot Connection Usb


ApplyReturnValue Trick

Qt5 Signal Slot Connection Tool


Qt5 Signal Slot Connection Settings




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